Burmese Tycoons Part III
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Burmese Tycoons Part III

By The Irrawaddy AUGUST, 2000 - VOLUME 8 NO.8

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They produce medicine and Deik U seasoning-powder through an arrangement with the Industry Ministry in which the former supplies the raw materials to the latter and collects the finished product.

Arrangements are underway to establish a paper crockery industry through the purchase of the necessary machinery from China. But it is being held up by a lack of paper, which must be imported.

Dr. Sai Sam Tun

Loi Hein Company

Duya Cigarette, Fantasy Soft Drink

Loi Hein Company is run by Dr. Sai Sam Tun and works in collaboration with No.1 Industry Ministry in a joint-venture agreement. Founded on August 12, 1993, it produces soft drinks including Fantasy Orange, Fantasy Lychee, Fruito, Vinto, Sparkling, Fantasy Sunkist, and Sport Plus. It also produces consumer goods such as beverages (Royal Lippo), cigarettes (Duya, Kha-baung), feminine hygiene products (Loitex), and drinking water.

In an arrangement with No. 1 Industry Ministry, the company reportedly provides modern machinery for the ministry and receives the products.

Daw San San Yee

Super One Group of Companies

Super One Department Store, Mingala Cinema House

Super One Group (SOG) was founded in 1989 and is comprised of 19 companies. It is under the management Daw San San Yee, who is also the vice-chairperson of Traders Hotel.

The main business concerns of SOG include department stores, supermarkets, foreign exchange services, photo developing services, export of various beans, tourism, movie theaters, export & import and eye treatments.

SOG also manages Mingalar, President and Leading movie theaters in Rangoon and Win Light and Myoma in Mandalay.

Super One Group of Companies enjoys international business contacts with companies in Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Japan, England, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

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