Nan Nyunt Swe Dies
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Friday, May 24, 2019

Nan Nyunt Swe Dies

By KO HTWE Thursday, July 15, 2010


Nan Nyunt Swe, aka Aung Thein, a well-known Burmese writer and the father of imprisoned comedian Zarganar, passed away in Rangoon on Wednesday at the age of 87.

Speaking to The Irrawaddy on Thursday, Zarganar's sister-in-law Ma Nyein said that before Nan Nyunt Swe died, he left a letter for his son Zarganar. She could not comment on the details of the letter, saying that it had not yet been opened.

Zarganar, 48, was sentenced to a 35-year prison term in remote Myintkyina prison, over 900 miles from Rangoon, for his involvement in delivering humanitarian assistance to survivors of Cyclone Nargis in 2008.

Nan Nyunt Swe.
Critics have alleged that Zarganar had been imprisoned far from Rangoon because the military authorities wanted to make it difficult for his family to visit him. Zarganar's mother,Yuwadee Kyi Oo, passed away in March last year.

“Nan Nyunt Swe passed away peacefully in his sleep at 5 p.m. yesterday,” Ma Nyein said. “I informed Myintkyina Special Branch about his death, and asked them to pass on the message to Zarganar.”

Although Nan Nyunt Swe mostly penned articles pertaining to classic literature and music, Burma's notorious Press Scrutiny and Registration Department (PSRD) frequently censored his work because he gave a talk at the opposition party National League for Democracy headquarters in Rangoon.

Nan Nyunt Swe was born in Yathar village, in Pyay District, Pegu Division, in 1923. In 1947, he began writing under the pseudonym “Pyay Maung Nyunt” in Myanmar Alin newspaper. His first works were poems.

In 1950, he started using the pen name “Nan Nyunt Swe”in Hantharwaddy newspaper.

He served in the Information Department from 1948 to 1953 before joining the Ministry of Culture. He was also joint-secretary of Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association and executive member of Burma Research Society. He also wrote a thesis about ancient Burmese music and biographies of artists. 

In 1955, Nan Nyunt Swe married writer Yuwaddy Kyi Oo, aka Hla Kyi, who competed in the 1990 general election. The couple had three sons: Wunna, Tay Za and Thura, aka Zarganar. They also had two grandsons.

Later in life, he used the secret pen name “Thukhamain” and wrote under that name until he died.

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Yangontha Wrote:
Ko Zarganar,

So sorry to know about your father's passed away. We hope you will be stronger to go through this heavy storm in Myintkyina prison. Our condolences to you and your family members in Burma.

James O'Brien Wrote:
Sincere condolences for one of the great souls of Burma and the World.

May none of us be reborn in Burma or places like Burma, may Zarganar and others be free and all of us be Free.

May the tyrants of this world end soon.

James O'Brien.

thu ri ya burma Wrote:
Good father raised up good son for Burmese society. Salute to both father & son.

Venus Wrote:
My condolences for the family members, especially Zarganar; those were the days at Regional College II school-mates, full of laughter and fun! Never forget Zarganar, Pain Pain and RC II teashops , theatres, stageshows, football fights in Aung San Stadium with RC II and RASU , being reprimanded by and under the supervision of Sayagyee U Kaung Nyunt. We never can get back those happy days.
Zarganar- I share all my merit makings to your father.

PB Publico Wrote:
I Bow down here to elsesaya Nan Nyunt Swe for his significant contributions to our national culture.
I also wish him to be destined well, to be reborn well in a sugati bhumi, perhaps not in Burma but somewhere else in the environment of a well-cultured and civilized country under good governance.
I also want to say thank you for giving and leaving us a son like Ko Zarganar.
Rest well and be reborn well.

timothy Wrote:
My thought and prayer will be with the family at this time of great loss for them. May peace will bring to all beings in this difficult time. Sadu, three times

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