Suu Kyi’s Letter of Thanks to Than Shwe
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Monday, January 21, 2019


Suu Kyi’s Letter of Thanks to Than Shwe

By THE IRRAWADDY Friday, May 22, 2009


Dear Senior-General,

I trust you will excuse my handwriting. I am writing by candlelight. It seems there is not much electricity in this part of Rangoon these days.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. After so many years of looking out at Inya Lake, a change of scenery was most welcome, although I must confess I am somewhat disappointed with the décor and landscape gardening in my new compound.

Most importantly though, I must thank you for your unflinching political support. I thought that the world had forgotten about me, but you made sure that my face reappeared on TV all over the world.

You had previously cautioned foreign governments not to focus so much on one person (me), but now you have magnanimously ensured that my name is on the lips of every diplomat in Rangoon.

The international community has a reputation for having a short attention span. Thanks to your efforts, Burma is back on the front pages of the newspapers.

I believe that the US and the EU were in a bit of a pickle about how to handle the economic sanctions issue and recognition of next year’s election.

Now, thanks to your clear-cut methods and no-nonsense approach, those countries will have no hesitation in making decisions with regard to the Burmese government’s status.

In fact, talking of the election, on behalf of my party, the NLD, let me also thank you for your PR efforts on our behalf. With so many members in prison and so few opportunities to canvas for contributions, we have not been able to promote our democratic cause as we would like over the last few years.

However, as you have single-handedly reminded the population of Burma of the differences between right and wrong, between truth and deceit and between justice and farce, I am sure we won’t need any other marketing campaigns to generate support. You have become the pro-democracy movement’s greatest benefactor. Well done!

If you ever find yourself overthrown by an internal coup, don’t hesitate to give the NLD a call. We always need a PR agent like you on our books.

And, of course, thanks for the exposure to your military justice system. I have been waiting a long time to see it up close and personal. Next time you permit reporters and diplomats in the courtroom, might I request that you invite the Australian ambassador? After all, with his experience in the Australian outback I am sure he will have a better understanding of a kangaroo court. (Lol!)

At least here in Insein I should be safe from crazy intruders. You would think that with all the security forces and intelligence personnel that the government has at its disposal that it would be impossible for even James Bond to get past them.

But I suppose if a secret agent disguised himself as a middle-aged, overweight, delusional American skinny-dipper then he would be a lot more difficult to catch. Right?

Anyway, I am sure you are busy with your Naypyidaw projects, so I won’t take up any more of your precious time.

Thank you again for everything you have done for our country. After the Burmese people have democracy, please allow us to reciprocate.

Yours in captivity,

Aung San Suu Kyi
Insein Prison

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Sandy Watson Wrote:
In addition to my previous letter after reading the other comments, are all these other people seriously sane—who cares who wrote the letter? The point is that it is all the truth and makes a statement on this whole injustice. Get real, people.

Thank you for publishing this letter written by Aung San Suu Kyi. I have been following her story since my visit to Myanmar. I find it unbelievable that the rest of the world can stand by and allow this to happen to an innocent human being in this century. However, I guess Myanmar has nothing to offer the wealthy, influential countries. My heart goes out to this wonderful brave lady. My husband I will keep following with interest and pray that somebody will finally grow a backbone and come to her aid. Sooner rather than later.

Freebird170 Wrote:
Hahahaha! This was pretty humorous. I liked the Kangaroo joke. Well done :-D

Duwa Wrote:
Makes me smile several times with deep thoughts.

Hla Mg Wrote:
Reading BARBER'S CHAIR section is for smile of the day.

Jackie Chan Wrote:
Why are you guys are so serious about this article? Some even question whether it was written by DASSK. Come on! Wake up, this is just a pure satire. Whether you like reading it or not is your personal choice. But, I don't understand why people are suggesting The Irrawaddy put declaimer saying that it was not actually written by DASSK. Again, come on! That would be The Irrawaddy insulting the intelligence of its readers.

Sein Mya Wrote:
Sorry to say, but this is indeed a poorly written "Satire".

Satire to whom? To the Military Junta or to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi? Burmese version is even worse. Because the style of the satire is very similar to the articles in Junta's papers. The military junta and its supporters will be happy to read this type of controversial article as Burmese people are going to be busy with this kind of vein discussion.

I wish this should be my last comment upon Irrawaddy`s many controversial articles that were posted on the online version in recent months.

James Russell Brownwood Wrote:
The letter does not look genuine to me. It is true, but not serious, yet rather cynical. That is not the way to talk about issues like political prisoners, rigid laws and human rights in Burma. And how would the letter have become public? Did one of the lawyers of ASSK take it along for publication? Could he do so? Would that be allowed by Than Shwe? Or (quite unlikely) did Than Shwe publish it himself via The Irrawaddy? Would he have a sense of humour? Would he be able to appreciate the harsh undertone?

Well, there are more peculiar things happening in Burma these days. Anyway I don't believe it is from ASSK unless clearly proven. The Irrawaddy should give more information on how and via whom the letter was obtained.

concern Wrote:
Everyone knows that this letter is a make-up, a sarcasm, that is nice to read but shouldn't The Irrawaddy put something at the top of the letter or bottom that this letter that it is a make-up, and not written by the real Daw ASSK.

Still, for some people, they could certainly have thought it was written by the actual person. It, in some ways, downgrades the truth of news on this website. People might now think that whatever news you put up here on this site, are "made-up" in some cases ... for goodness sake, just put some disclaimer.

Mogyothwar Wrote:
I don't believe she wrote that kind of cheap letter. I believe it was a "fake" who has written it, faking as her.

Graham Wrote:
Well done.

Nyunt Shwe Wrote:
I don't think this letter is genuine because the content of this letter is appalling and just mockery even though the facts are true. This kind of letter will never lead to a reconciliation. Daw Suu is not such a person. She has thanked the authorities for the care, hospitality, and arrangement towards her confinement. What she said is to exploit the unfortunate accident to transform into good beginning for the reconciliation. It is wise and considerate.

The letter you carried over your page and into group mail is to spoil to any degree what Daw Suu has tried. You can see a sort of hatred and desire to revenge (use of reciprocate) in this mail so that I can judge this doesn't sound like Daw Suu. Please confirm twice before you print.

Khin Thitsar Wrote:
Again a "brilliant article" by The Irrawaddy.

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